How to play live poker for the first time and win
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Top tips for those who decide to play live poker for the first time and win

Of course, the big game starts small, but the “salt” of the process is in the little things. Some of them you need to master clearly before you sit down at the poker table. 

So, if you’ve decided to join the world of live poker, remember the TOP 5 tips that will get you off to a flying start with your first hand.

Cut the excitement

The most trivial, however, the truest advice is to not be nervous. Your first emotions when you sit down at the table will be confusion and shyness. This is not surprising, because unlike the online world, there is a special atmosphere, and every player will try to understand even the minimal emotions on your face. You shouldn’t show with any gesture or word that the poker table is something unknown to you and you don’t know at all how to deal with live cards.

  • Before you sit down at the table, watch the game from the sidelines and imagine yourself as one of the players. 
  • Chances are that already at this stage you will notice some important features of your potential opponents. 
  • You will be able to feel the pace of the game and observe how the more experienced players behave. 
  • This approach will help you avoid many trivial mistakes and feel more confident and relaxed.

Pay close attention to the game

The process of the game can be breathtaking, and in the enjoyment of what is happening you can simply forget about the game itself. In an online game, the system automatically reminds you of the time to make a move, and some hesitation or inattention will not notice, in the real world, this is not the case. Lack of attention not only shows you’re a jackass, but can also cause offence to other players, which is not honour enough in the world of poker.

Keep an eye on your cards

Once the cards are in your hands, you need to watch your actions closely. For example, it’s a good idea to study the hand carefully, trying to remember what you’re dealt the first time. Do not remove cards from the table. Even without malicious intent, other players may consider it as an attempt to perform a switch. Make sure that your cards are available only to you. Remember that any card game, especially live poker, does not tolerate inattention.

Learn how to handle cards and chips easily

If you didn’t get to the table by accident and are on a serious course to develop, it’s worth acquiring the knowledge and skills. Learn the terminology and learn how to apply it in a timely manner. Learn how to handle the cards and chips beautifully. Professionally moving the chips between your fingers while waiting for the deal, you can win the war even before the battle, because first there is a battle of wits. Such little things will allow you to gain confidence and “not lose face” in trying to frantically perform any actions with cards and chips.

Remember the culture of communication at the table

Of course it is necessary to communicate with the players at the table, and many of them go to the offline space just for the sake of new acquaintances, but remember that there are some rules. For example, if you’re out of the game, you shouldn’t sputter about what you could have won if you had waited and shared with your neighbor what cards you had in your hand. More often than not, it’s best to refrain from discussing other people’s strategies, and don’t ask players about their moves – it’s just not cultured and can cause mixed reactions. Also, remember that playing at the table requires you to comment on your own actions. Every move you make, you must say, the players can not guess whether you decided to rake or call.

An important nuance is your ability to save face when you lose, as well as when you win. Don’t gloat or break your glasses in spurts of play. Dignified behavior will make you a welcome guest at the table and will endear you to the other players.

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