betting scandal in Georgia
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Illegal Sports Betting Results in Arrest

Three men from Georgia have confessed to developing an illegal sports betting scheme and are now in danger of getting into prison for fraud and giving false statements. Such actions might lead to a long prison sentence and forfeiture. The three men managed to get more than $300,000 that have already been confiscated. When gambling at Woo Casino you won’t have to worry about illegal betting or losing your winnings.

According to the statements of the South Georgia Attorney, one of the three men, Mobley has been working as a bookie for at least ten years. In the beginning, he was gathering the bets and paying the money won himself. After that, the man created an online sports betting website. At that time, he was living and working in Central America. Six years ago, he decided to partner with another smaller company.  The newly developed scheme has employed two legal enterprises.

A few weeks ago, the man confessed to the federal charge of online gambling schemes. His colleague, Cates, has also confessed to the fraud and false statements. As the men have confessed to the crime, they will now have to face a year in federal prison. Mobley also has to pay a fine of more than two thousand dollars.

More Than Half a Million Dollars Confiscated

Three men have got $600,000 dollars confiscated. Mobley will have to $570,000 to the state and the tax department of Georgia, while Cates will need to pay more than $100,000. 

There was a trial this week when the three men were released from custody after paying bail. They have been organizing and participating in illegal gambling for at least nine years with the help of a foreign website. However, even this move did not and could not prevent the criminals from facing charges of the law enforcement officials. 

As it turned out, fraud and false statements are not the only crimes committed. Mobley was cashing checks from the players in the alcohol shop of his parents. Mobley has been reported to have cashed more than $200,000. Cates and Mobley were also involved in other schemes of cashing the checks through Cate’s business. The two men have also lied in their tax declarations. 

The two charged were trying to thoroughly hide these crimes, but according to a special FBI agent, “their greediness chased them down.”

A similar story happened in Italy last year when the law enforcement agencies confiscated more than $100 million raised in allegedly illegal online sports gambling connected to the organized crime groups of the state. More than 300 people were reported to be involved in the online sports betting scheme in Italy. 

The politicians in the state of Georgia are pushing for the expansion of the gambling industry, suggesting a law that would permit online sports wagering. The locals of Georgia might be polled in the near future about their opinion on whether gambling should be expanded in the state. Georgia politicians have also been discussing the possibility of legalizing commercial casinos and racetracks. 

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