Types of slot machines
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Types of slot machines

Variations of slot machines in the world of gambling entertainment can be very different, starting from the theme of slots and ending with the presence of certain unique abilities. Therefore, depending on the theme of the platform, you can distinguish these types of slot machines

How to choose a slot machine: 

  • Historical

Machines with a bias towards historical events and processes quite popular among players. This group includes a variety of slots from different manufacturers. For example, “Books” from Novomatic or “Gold of Aztecs” from the company “Megadjack.

  • About travel¬†

A lot of gaming machines are also devoted to the explorers and travelers. For example, the platform “Columbus” takes the player into a world of sailing and discovery, and the slot “Marco Polo” allows you to feel the full force of danger of the unknown.

  • About the animal world

Basically, the machines of this genre, are provided in a comical way. This is either a funny monkey as in “Crazy Monkey”, or “friendly” shark in the eponymous machine, or good dolphins on the platform of the underworld “Dolphins”. Either way, the symbols of animals is actively used in gambling, which allows even a little touch of wildlife its inveterate lovers.

  • Based on fairy tales and movies

Probably this theme will never die. After watching the movies, slot machine producers are taking up the creation of similar slots. And their popularity is always high. Thus, appeared a lot of slots from “Playtech” like “Spider-Man”, “Hulk” and others. Basically, these are stories from the Marvel comic book that are so popular among fans of sci-fi sequels on the screen.

  • Fruit

Such “tasty” machines are among the most popular. Probably because of the simplicity and uncomplicated plot. Perhaps everyone knows the legendary slot “Strawberry”, which not only opened the curtain of gambling in real mode and on the Internet, but still remains at the top of all platforms. This category also includes such famous slot machine as Banana Splash.

Types of machines 

  • Classic. Exactly those associations that arise in the head when you think of slot machines, and use the manufacturers. These are the “sevens”, the image of the stars, various cards and beautiful numbers. Such “classics of the genre”, despite its commonness and character, is in great demand. In this category we can mention the slot “Sizzlin Hot”, which is known to both experienced players and beginners in the world of gambling entertainment.

Also, the criterion for classifying slot machines can be the mode of play. On the Internet you can find both paid platforms to play for real money, and their “demoki”, giving the opportunity to play for free. It is impossible to say unequivocally which mode is more popular and which less. But the fact that free play contradicts the very essence of gambling entertainment is a fact. Although many people simply refer to the leisure simply as a way to pass the time. If you consider slot machines as a serious and profitable occupation, it’s better to play for money. So more fun, and the adrenaline rushes in the blood, and the bank account increases.

Species breakdown of gaming platforms is also possible by generation. Classic slots, being the first generation, often have only three reels. But the machines that appeared later – the second generation – include five reels and a lot more paylines available.

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