Tricks and cheating tips in casinos and roulette online
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Tricks and cheating tips in casinos and roulette online

Gambling and cheating have always gone hand in hand, but with online roulette, you are hit twice – on the one hand, the casino wants to spin you for money, on the other hand, you suffer losses due to a non-working roulette program.

Even risking your money in a game of chance, you should do it judiciously, if possible prudently. It is necessary to have a guarantee of the payment of winnings and, in fact, of a fair game. Is it too much to ask? For many casinos, alas, it is.

Popular tricks from the casino

  • Casino bonus tricks – The sneakiest scammers who cheat roulette players daily and have been doing so successfully for years. 99% of casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players, but here bonuses are designed to attract slot machine lovers, not roulette players.
  • Not only bonuses make it difficult to withdraw the money won – some “scumbag” casinos will CONFISCATE any money a player tries to withdraw (regardless of the amount) if he hasn’t fulfilled the bonus conditions. Fortunately, you can easily avoid bonuses and withdraw any amount of money won at roulette. We’ve provided comprehensive information on this topic and described the entire process in detail.
  • Pending Time on Withdrawals – A large number of establishments have what is known as a “waiting period” on withdrawals or Pending Time. This means that your funds are simply frozen and lying around waiting for the player to snap and get back in the game. In our opinion, payouts to players should take no more than 24 hours. All of the casinos we recommend pay out winnings within 24 hours – in most cases it takes them about 6 hours.

It is useful to remember

Fraudulent software. Many players know that the online casino software is, shall we say, not entirely honest, and after a few winnings begins to “harm”. For example, 10 times in a row give out red, although the player bet on black, and reduce the bankroll to zero. However, if you take some time in our article describing the Martingale system, you will see that there are longer series of losses, and that they are quite mathematically justified. There is no catch here.

Casino flatly refuses to pay. Usually fraudulent institutions are disclosed at the moment when it is time to pay. They begin to delay with the payments, the answer for a few days, while the player does not find a place. The finale is predictable – the support service ceases to contact.

In our opinion, an attempt to evade the timely payment is simply unacceptable. Of course, there may be good reasons for a refusal – for example, a stolen credit card. In any case, categorical refusal to pay is cheating. The problem is that left-wing casinos simply have small budgets, and sometimes they simply can not afford to pay players on time.

Popular roulette scammers

We have already run through the list of casino tricks, and now it’s the turn of roulette cheaters. Let’s just say that there are many sites on the Internet that sell and give away free betting systems that, according to them, can beat roulette in the long run. Here, however, we’ll talk more about specific examples of fraud.

  • Martingale System Scam – This scam has been operating for years. In the system itself Martingale there is no catch, we have devoted several pages to it with tables and odds, separately highlighting the likelihood of a series of losses, the loss from such a series, the risk in the long game, and finally, why Martingale does not allow you to make a profit in the long game (the strategy itself simply does not dispose to this).
  • Fake roulette system reviews – When people first see a new roulette system, it is only logical that they want to know more about it. Many come across videos of people singing the system’s praises. Usually such videos are poorly edited and of low quality. The videos are either made by beginners, for little money, or participants in affiliate programs.
  • Trigger numbers – Some systems work perfectly well in free mode at online casinos. They can guess the right number without error, if only all day in a row, and the person wins a tidy virtual amount, decides to go for real money. But here begins the fun part – the system does not work! There are two ways to “lose” and become a victim of fraud – to download the program, winning only in free mode, or communicate with a liar in online chat or Skype, and let him convince himself that the normal mode will be as easy as the free mode.

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