What sport is better for beginners to bet on
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What sport is better for beginners to bet on

The first question that arises before every beginner: what is the best sport to bet on. Let us say at once. There are no easy ways to make a tidy sum of money. You can win once or twice just by sheer luck. What follows is deciding the outcome by collecting information, analysis, and comparison.

A young bettor needs to study, study and study more to win at betting on a stable basis

Soccer bets

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Well-known betting sites offer a lot of analysis and statistical data. Using this information is easier for a beginner to navigate and choose a bet.

However, in soccer, as in other sports, it is not always possible to predict the exact outcome of the match. For example, who expected the Icelandic team to reach the quarterfinals at Euro 2016? The final outcome of the match depends on a number of factors, ranging from the weather to the mood of the players. Yes, and it is always possible for an unexpectedly increased potential of the team, which the journalists did not write about, but only the coaches and the walls of the locker rooms knew.

Individual or team?

It is believed that predicting the outcome of team games is much more difficult than individual games. To study a particular athlete, you need to know how he lives and trains, what he eats. In the case of soccer betting, you have to study the lifestyles and habits of two dozen people, including injured and newcomers.

However, this does not provide a definitive answer to the question of which sport is best to bet on. Even during an individual event, such as a tennis tournament, an experienced athlete may suffer an injury that will affect his or her performance. Or simply go to the court in a bad mood. And in this case, a potentially winning bet is automatically “lost”. If this happens in a team sport, a player can simply be replaced and it will have almost no effect on the outcome of the match (with the exception of unconditional leaders, who support the whole game of the team).

One more nuance: team sports traditionally have the biggest stakes and the biggest winnings. If a basketball or hockey underdog team wins a tournament, there is a chance to increase the initial amount by a hundred times. In individual sports, the stakes are usually more modest.

Popular or unpopular?

The most profitable bets on sports are made on the largest world tournaments and championships. If the fame of a sporting event is not big enough, there is a chance that you will have to bet “blind”, having no idea about injuries, statistics, disqualifications of athletes, because the media will not particularly inform about local competitions.

  • Tip: You can use different sites to analyze and compare odds and quotes. Some of the quotes may have access to data that is inaccessible to ordinary users.

Soccer is the “number one” sport for the number of fans and betting

What else to pay attention to when choosing a sport for betting

There are several factors that can affect the winning of a particular sport:

  • Weather. This factor is important for competitions that take place outdoors. Before placing a profitable bet on a sport, it is worth visiting synoptic sites. For games that take place outdoors, it is advisable to make bets of the “live” type.
  • Possible number of outcomes. In some sports, for example tennis, there are only two possible outcomes: winning one or the other athlete or team. In soccer or hockey, a third possible outcome is added: a draw (unless we are talking about playoffs, of course). Accordingly, the probability that your bet will lose increases.
  • When analyzing a sporting event, game and non-game aspects are taken into account. The first includes the composition of the players, place in the standings, conducted training, qualification of the coach and other similar indicators. Non-game aspects include bookmaker odds and statistical data.
  • It is important that a person making bets, understand the chosen sport and can independently assess certain events. “Owning” sports at a high level, you will be able to analyze the available information with greater willingness and understanding. This is the main secret: what you love and understand works best.

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